Privacy policy

Taketomi, Okinawa, Painu Islands Time is a website that is operated and administered by Taketomi Town. We recognize the importance of personal information (personally identifiable information), and along with its proper collection, use and protection, we will operate this site as follows for security control measures.

  1. Along with establishing operational guidelines for the protection of personal information, there will be an administrator to appropriately manage personal information.
  2. Define the purpose of using personal information and collect personal information as necessary in order to achieve this purpose using an appropriate method.
  3. When you provide us with personal information, we will inform you of the purpose of its use.
  4. We will not provide personal information to a third party except in the following instances: We obtain authorization from the person in question; laws or regulations require it; or there is a legitimate reason to do so.
  5. We will take appropriate measures to prevent tampering with and leaking of as well as unauthorized access to personal information.
  6. In the event that we outsource the processing of personal information, we will select an appropriate contractor, and he/she will be required to sign a contract concerning the protection of personal information.
  7. If the person in question requests the confirmation or correction of the personal information content, we will respond quickly and appropriately.
  8. We will continuously review the measures necessary for the protection of personal information and strive to improve them.

The handling of personal information is based on the Privacy Act of Taketomi Town.

Contact information:
Town Office Department of Policy Promotion Division
〒907-8503 11-1 Misakicho, Ishigaki City Okinawa Prefecture